Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cupcakes Canadian style

Last weekend we went to Victoria to celebrate Cousin Amy's 6th birthday. I've always known that my aunt was a great mother. She seems to have an endless supply of energy and patience - both I could use a little more of these days. But it wasn't until she told me that the kids would be decorating cupcakes as an activity during Amy's birthday party and then they would eat them for dessert that I knew how truly brilliant she is. 

The kids had so much fun decorating. We had 13 kids in the room and it was actually pretty quiet. We adults enjoyed watching each child's individual approach to cupcake decorating. Some we very intentional with the placement of each piece of candy.
Other children just slapped on some frosting and candy because 
they couldn't wait to eat it!

One little boy seemed to be particularly shocked by the discovery that someone (him) ate the candy and frosting off both his cupcakes (mind you, this is the same child who only a few weeks before cried as he was pulling his own hair - three times!).

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camilla said...

I have a friend who did a little cupcake decorating bar for the kids at the birthday party. Truly fun idea!