Saturday, September 4, 2010

Too short to yo-yo

After Samantha spent 10 minutes in her room trying to yo-yo, she came out to show me that the "stupid" yo-yo was broken. I thought it was because she could not rewind the string around it. I rewound the string and handed back to her to try again, explaining to do it gently & purposefully - even Christopher gave her all the advice he had. So she was ready.

She gently lowered the yo-yo down the string - BAM! Yo-yo hit the floor.

"See, Mommy, I told you this yo-yo doesn't work!"

Poor baby was too short! :0)

"No, honey, the yo-yo isn't broken. You're too short. It can't go up & down because it hit the floor." LOL!

A shorter string = a happy Samantha

And shortening the string was sooo much easier than teaching her to yo-yo!

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